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Solar Challenges using Plugging-into-the-Sun solar model car and boat educational kits read reports>>


If you are interested in organising your own Solar Challenge, or indeed any other renewable energy/energy efficiency workshops and training events, further information can be obtained by clicking the following button . Please contact us for a password to gain access to this information.


12th Jan 2011

Download the article that has just been published in D&T practice - Issue 1 2011 - setting out how to embed renewable energy in the curriculum co-authored by David Garlovsky and Ashley Green-Embedding renewable energy in the curriculum


3rd October

Rushmoor's Green & Global Fun Day, Aldershot
An event to celebrate Rushmoor's cultural diversity and raise awareness of green issues. Events include: Planet Splodge, Solar Car Challenge, Green Energy Machine, Music & Dance, One World Cafe, Fairtrade refreshments, Astrodome mobile planetarium, Voluntary groups & green advice, Rescued animals, Talks, Quiz trail & charity raffle, Cycle powered acoustic bar. For further information email Imurrel@rushmoor.gov.uk or checkout the website www.rushmoor.gov.uk


Self-Help Solar Water Heating Workshop, Heeley City Farm, Sheffield
The workshop provides a background to solar water heating and will assist students in building a working water heating unit. Over the three sessions ( further information ) a working model will be constructed by each student, along with discussion of issues raised during the practical sessions. Please contact us to register.

15th September

Green City Action Renewable Energy Workshop, Sheffield
The workshops provide opportunities to find out how renewable technologies work and are applicable in the home, school, work and community environments. The workshops have a highly visual hands-on mode of delivery. Wind Power and Solar Electricity are covered with the chance to build wind powered devices and model solar cars and boats. Please contact us to register.


Hampshire Solar Challenge
The Challenge involved over 40 schools from 7 Boroughs, District Councils and Local Authorities and was held at Thruxton race track. Solar Challenge 2003 Report

2nd July

Northamptonshire Solar Challenge 2004
The Challenge involved over 60 schools from 7 Borough and District Councils and was held at Rockingham race track. Background to 2003 Challenge

20th June

Sunday Solar Boat and Car Challenge Sheffield
The Sunday Challenge was open to the general public and schools in South Yorkshire. The challenge took place at Millhouses Park on the 20th. (Report to come)

24th May to
22nd June

Setpoint/SEED Workshops
A series of 8 workshops held in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield. To find out more, please click the following link: Lets Get Solar Press Release.


Guildford Solar Challenge
The Challenge involved 8 local schools from Borough and District Councils racing the solar powered cars. (Report to come)


Kent Solar Car Challenge
The Challenge involved over 50 schools. 12 Borough Councils throughout Kent were involved in the Challenge. Kent 2004 Report

January 2008

ASE Annual Meeting
Plugging Into The Sun: Teaching Electricity With Renewable Energy Technologies
Workshop at the Association for Science Education annual meeting. Book now!


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