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E v e n t s  D i a r y

Previous Model Solar Car Events using Plugging-into-the-Sun flexible cells & kits read reports>>

2002 Events



Self-Help Solar Water Heating Courses
Solar Water Heating For Home & Garden in collaboration with Energy Efficiency Project - Heeley City Farm. A Workers Educational Association Course.

4th/7th February


Scotish Power Green Energy Experience Science Events for Schools

Chester Race Course & Portsmouth University

16th March

National Science Week

Solar Car design and assembly

2nd April Greystones Primary Ground Force Renewable Energy Installation [solar garden pump and wind generator].
4th May

Environment Week, Sheffield
Green Heritage Exhibition - Millennium Galleries

Model solar car & boat assembly and other solar electric activities

30th May

Model Solar Car Training [1/2 day morning workshop] - Sheffield Science & Technology Parks

Environmental Education Centres, Young People's Groups etc.

Contact David Garlovsky for registration details


19th June Hampshire County Council Model Solar Challenge: Racing and design competitons with support from the Campaign to Promote Engineering.
24th June Deepdale Infant School
Renewable Energy Activities and Demonstrations
23rd June

SunDay in South Yorkshire
Rother Valley Country Park near Sheffield.
Model solar boat & car challenges, displays and demonstrations of renewable energy technologies.

Annual celebration across Europe with peopel of all ages attending events to demonstrate the power of the Sun and renewable energy.


29th June

ASE Northern Science Conference.
Minstrope Comunity College, Doncaster
"Teaching Science, Electricity and Design & Technology NC outcomes using renewable energy technologies"
6th July

Heeley City Farm Solar Challenge

Build your own solar water heating device against the clock to product hot water . For further information: energy@heeleyfarm.org.uk

8th July

"Solar Technologies that Work"

There is enough 'sun' for solar energy to work in the UK climate!

Renewable Energy/Sustainable Development Awareness Workshop

Governors, Headteachers, Technicans, Science, D&T and Geography co-ordinators

Sponsored by London Power Network
Lea River Trust Education Centre,
Bromley-By-Bow, London E3 3DU

Contact David Garlovsky for registration details


The format, strategies and activities for the events have been influenced by the outcomes of courses, workshops and presentations conducted during past several years; details>>