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M o d e l  S o l a r  P o w e r e d  C a r s

Model Solar Powered Car Events

Plugging into the Sun® car kits & flexible cells have been succesfully used in the UK and overseas at the following recent events:

Renewable Energy Awareness Workshops
Schools & Homes Energy Education Project in collaboration with UK-ISES
>> details

BBC Technogames
The 2001 winner in the solar vehicle category used Plugging into the Sun flexible cells >>details

UK and Overseas Conferences

  • Centre for Change National Conference

Schools, Community & Young Peoples Groups

  • CREATE - Yorkshire Electricity Energy Saving and Renewable Energy Scheme
  • Groundwork Training Day
  • South Yorkshire Scout Jamborie
  • Hertfordshire, St George's School, National Eco-Schools Conference
  • Sheffield Design & Technology Co-ordinators
  • Co-operative Societies
  • Co-operative Society of South Yorkshire
  • Association for Science Education Workshops
  • American Community School
  • Ecological Footprint Project
  • SRB Youth Theme Community Chest 2001

Local Councils, Boroughs & Authorities
Environmental Events/Dmeonstrations

  • Isle of Man Solar Sprint Race
  • East Sussex County Council and the Environment Agency
  • High Peak Borough Council
  • Sheffield City Council - Young Peoples 'Wheels' Project
  • Hampshire County Council Solar Model Car Challenge
  • Bury Council Energy Showcase House


  • Earth Centre, Doncaster
  • Heeley City Farm, Sheffield
  • Thornham Field Centre, Suffolk


1. The solar cell used in the car kit is unique:

  • flexible & tough [175mm x 60mm less than 1mm thick]
  • light-weight, 18g [high power/weight ratio]
  • output 330mA, 1.2 V(tandem)1.5V(triple) [stable]
  • durable, 20 year useful lifespan
  • responds to diffuse light [light scattered by cloud cover]
  • chassis of the car is the cell itself
  • technology used in cell is exactly the same as used in industrial and domestic PV applications
  • robust and can be handled with safety (unlike inferior cells encased in glass)

2. The car kit is designed to use:

  • multiple gear configurations
  • front wheel alignment design allows for adjustment to sun's position in the sky
  • variety of wheel choices
  • a body design created by the car builder

3. The car kit is linked to National Curriculum outcomes in Science, Mathematics, Sustainable Development, Geography and Design & Technology and Maths.

4. It is possible to build a body for the car. We have designed a template for this. It allows anyone building the body to design their own 'fun body'. It could be decorated either by hand using paint, felt tip pens etc. or one could use an appropriate computer drawing programme found in most schools.

5. You can down load the body templates off our website to personalise your car design.