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The Global Directory for Environmental Technology
reference source for those engaged in environmental activities
source of free Renewable Energy Project Analysis Software
Cornwall Solar
this web site aims to help & inform those who would like to discover more about solar heating systems and other solar energy applications
Sustainable Earth Technologies
A comercial Australian site with introductory information about sustainable building and permaculture systems for domestic and commercial buildings
Canadian Office of Energy Efficiency online resources
includes publications on energy efficiency and on alternative energy sources for consumers and businesses
Towards Sustainability
portal for sustainable development
The Environment Directory
environmental organisation directory and search engine
Climate Ark
climate change search space
a source of sustainable energy and development information from CREST
Renewable Energy in the UK (REUK)

Find out more about renewable energy in the UK - wind turbines, solar panels, solar water heating, and much more...

Rocky Mountain Institute
including RMI's web site for HypercarSM technology
The Australian Renwable Energy Website
published by the Australian Greenhouse Office
helping to promote solar energy awareness throughout the UK
Renewable energy web ring
A place to start looking at renewable energy websites
World-wide Information System for Renewable Energy - an initiative of ISES, the International Solar Energy Society


Quarterly newsletter for UK new and renewable energy industry
Factor Four
- Doubling Wealth, Halving Resource Use - see an abstract of the book depicting technologies representing a quadrupling of resource productivity, an efficiency revolution
"The Hands-On Journal of Home-Made Power"
(archive search facility & renewable energy pages)
Home Energy magazine
with information about home energy conservation

Government programmes

Energy Efficiency Best Practice Program
UK Government's energy efficiency information, advice and research programme for organisations in the public and private sectors
US Department of Energy: Photovoltaics Program
DTI New & Renewable Energy Programme
Current developements within UK new & renewables industry. Information for teachers and students
Sustainable Developement
UK government website
Environment Agency
protecting and improving the environment in England and Wales

Sustainable product developement

Assistance for individuals & businesses developing innovative products

Discovery & community centres

whowhatwherewhenwhy - W5
interactive science, technology & engineering in Belfast
Glasgow Science Centre
'presenting science & technology in an accessible & fun way'
The Big Idea - inventor centre
UK - hands-on exhibition devoted to the process of invention
Our Dynamic Earth
Edinburgh, UK - demonstrating an holistic view of planet earth
UK Science Adventure Centre
childrens discovery centre in Halifax UK
Heeley City Farm
a community project dedicated to all those who want to make Sheffield a better place to live and work in
Earth Centre
discovery centre in South Yorkshire UK

Renewable energy equipment manufacturers and suppliers

Freeze-tolerant solar hot water systems
Amorphous silicon PV technology and products
Natural energy product
Resources and information for home power enthusiasts, hobbyists and experimentalists
Internet newsgroups
homepower & renewable energy
home-made power for off-grid living & fueling ourselves without depleting resources
photovoltaics & solar thermal
generating voltage from the sun's energy & practical solar thermal energy use


Use It Again
website to help you reduce waste by recycling more
Arizona Solar Centre
Educational links for solar energy education
an educational web site that focuses on how renewable energy technologies work
British Wind Energy Association
General information on wind energy with education pages
Quickfacts about PV
13 quick facts
UK Schools WebRing
School websites
Npower Educational Information
Yorkshire Electricity Educationl Information
Solar School
Childrens guide to climate change & green energy
Sheffield Environmental Training
providing vocational training in environmental skills
Web resources for educators and students
Energy Education
from the California Energy Commission
Solar Now Project
US Department of Energy
co-ordinating and promoting energy education at all levels in the UK

Solar Vehicles & Racing

Solar Navigator
ocean-going solar electric boat
Solar powered flying wings
the new "atmospheric satellites"
Solar Solitude
solar powered radio controlled model plane
Design your own solar car
Learn about full size solar car design - run a computer simulation to predict performance in a race
solar powered boat
The 6th World Solar Challenge 18 - 28 November 2001
Rabbit Tool
electric wheel systems that can be solar charged
a solar-wind hybrid ferry sailing in Sydney Harbour
TSC 2002 The Ultimate Solar Car Challenge
details of a 4000km race open only to elite solar vehicles to be run in Australia in 2002
SolACT Smart Race
solar and advanced-technology boat race

Eco-Village Networks

The Global Eco-village Network (GEN)
linking together eco-villages and related projects around the world
Eco-Village Network UK
information resource for sustainable settlements



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